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Chronic Care

Our body is beautifully equipped with natural self repair mechanisms. These self repair mechanisms are turned on and off with the state of our nervous system. The healing is difficult when the nervous system is stuck in a mode of constantly responding to stress.

Learn to eliminate fear and doubt and put your nervous system in a healing mode.

The program allows you to partner with Dr. Parekh to get to the root of your symptoms.

  • Get a personalized mind body prescription that balances integrative approach with conventional medicine
  • Learn simple and effective actions that create radical changes in your health
  • Discover the right foods as medicine for improved health and digestion
  • Learn the secrets to support your natural healing ability

The program is designed to transform you to make you healthier.

Get an initial consultation with Dr. Parekh to review your health history, make routine and specialized lab recommendations such as micro-nutrient testing, assessing vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, cortisol testing and anti-oxidant testing.

Follow up consultations with Dr. Parekh and her team for the following –

  • To review lab results
  • To review your nutritional plan for dietary and supplement recommendations
  • To train in therapeutic yoga techniques tailored to your needs, for example, meditation, breathing exercises, stretches and postures
  • Focused sessions with a therapist to release damaging subconscious thoughts to create optimum healing conditions
  • Other complementary therapies such as massage and aromatherapy.